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Note, new access requests could take up to one week to process. When access to the resource is no longer needed, CRI support must be contacted to revoke access.

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Resources available to access:

  • High Performance Computing Cluster (Gardner) - Request Here
  • Commercial Analytics Packages on Linux (such as STATA, SAS, and Matlab aka "stats")
  • Commercial Analytics Packages on Windows (such as STATA and SAS aka "winstats")

Find accounts and select resources:

Please use the search form to find BSDAD accounts and select the resources that they need to access

Find BSDAD accounts and select resources to access

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BSDAD Account Help

To access CRI resources, a BSDAD account is required. To request a BSDAD account please contact the CBIS Help Desk at 773-702 3456 or email For more information visit the CBIS website: